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soulmate_claims's Journal

Soulmate Claims
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All Members , Moderated
Claim your very own soulmate!

1. Only one soulmate per user! You can claim a second soulmate if you link back in your userinfo, making a total of two soulmates per user.
Just copy/paste this code into your userinfo and change "character name" to the name of your Soulmate, simple as that :)
You can adjust the code any way you like, just keep the link back to this community, that's all I ask.

(Feel free to make your own banner if you would prefer something more than just the code)

2. Once a soulmate has been claimed, they cannot be claimed by anyone else unless the original claimer has left the community or voluntarily given their claim up.

3. You must be a member of this community to claim your soulmate, and you must stay a member to keep your claim. The moment you leave the community your claim is up for grabs.

4. You can claim anyone you like as your soulmate. Musicians, Actors, Sports Stars, Cartoon Characters, TV or Movie Characters, Real People, even other LJ users...anyone you want!

5. No pimping other communites and no advertising. At All! If you break this rule you get banned!

6. If you change your LJ username, please let me know your old username and your new username so I can transfer your soulmate claim to the new you.

7. If you have any questions or need to contact the mod, just comment at this post and I will get straight back to you.



Disclaimer: This claiming community is intended just for fun. No disrespect intended to any real people involved.